Would you like to attend a bespoke Hypnobirthing course with an experienced teacher who has used the techniques herself and is passionate about helping YOU to have the best birth experience possible?

Then look no further. This 'Essentials' course will equip you and your partner with the skills you need to approach the birth feeling calm, confident and informed in a minimal amount of time for the bargain price of £88!!


At the workshop we will explore:

  • The mind-body connection: What hypnosis is and why it is so good for birth.
  • The birth environment and your birthing preferences.
  • Natural ways to manage discomfort.
  • Effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques.
  • Self-hypnosis skills to overcome fear and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth.
  • How your body works during labour and what you can do to support it.
  • How fear has a negative impact on your body during birth and how to reduce this.
  • How your emotions change during labour and signs to look out for.
  • Practical tools and techniques for your partner to keep you calm, relaxed and at ease during the birth no matter what happens on the day.
  • Effective ways to work with the medical team supporting you.

Your investment for this course is only £88 per couple and includes:

  • Small group bespoke Hypnobirthing course at DOTM Wellness Hub overlooking the sea in Seaham
  • 4 MP3 Hypnosis tracks to download and use at home
  • Hypnobirthing course companion & ‘Birthing toolkit’
  • Colour Me Born‘ colouring book with Hypnobirthing exercises and affirmations
  • Your personalised essential oil blended rollerball
  • Relaxation, breathing and self-hypnosis techniques for birth and for life!

Hypnobirthing Courses


Ruth Sabrosa trained with Maggie Howell in 2011 and taught Natal Hypnotherapy to hundreds of couples before developing her own course. She qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2016 and used her skills and knowledge as a Mother, Birth Companion, Hypnotherapist and qualified Hypnobirthing instructor to create her own complete Hypnobirthing course. It can be taken at any time during pregnancy and is the perfect complement to other antenatal classes you may be attending or it works as a stand alone workshop. Small group classes are usually held in Seaham, County Durham or Muswell Hill, North London and are tailored to individual needs. Ruth also offers a bespoke private course in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the UK online or in person. You can request a private workshop completely tailored to your needs here.

Muswell Hill location

Ruth’s home on Fortis Green Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N2 9LY

Seaham location

Breath-taking ocean views from DOTM Wellness Hub, Seaham Marina

3hrs from London on the train so you could make a holiday of it!

Weardale location

Stunning scenery from Blackhall Barn, Weardale, County Durham, DL15 8DN

Please visit the Timetable for full list of workshops and classes.

  • Ayesha
    Ruth is an extremely good trainer. Very helpful, tailors training according to participants needs. She is very patient, helpful and reassuring.
  • Kerry
    Ruth was great, open and encouraging. She was also very knowledgeable and obviously well-researched and prepared. She was really helpful before the course too and answered my questions and sent me info by email. Thank you!
  • Barry
    Really enjoyed the experience even though I had apprehensions. What works for my wife is what it’s all about.
  • Nathalie
    I can’t wait to go into labour and feel really positive.
  • Tom
    I learned how to be a supportive partner and have skills to remain calm and positive. I feel empowered and excited about our 2nd baby.
    Birth Partner
  • Jukka
    I learned how I can support my wife both physically and mentally and how birth is not to be feared.
    Birth Partner
  • Sinead
    Great practitioner, good slides, activities and amount of hypnosis exercises and a nice group.
  • Priya
    Ruth was excellent – very warm, comforting, friendly and real. Thank you!
  • Kate O'
    Ruth was very helpful, friendly and insightful. Great workshop!
    Kate O'
  • Siobhan
    A very enjoyable two days. I feel more confident with my husband. We definitely achieved our objectives of attending the workshops.
  • Ian M
    The most important thing for me was overcoming my fears. I took a lot out of these 2 days, I feel a lot more confident and prepared.
    Ian M
    Birth Partner
  • Sophie B
    Ruth was great, very caring, informative and sent extra info after the workshop.
    Sophie B
  • Martijn
    A very personal, tailored workshop. These 2 days have had a hugely positive impact on Sandrina and myself. Ruth has been the best support we could wish for.
  • Sandrina
    This is the best preparation I could have had! I loved the gentle approach and calming voice.
  • Nadia
    For me the best part was the ‘wrist burn’ exercise where we brought all of the techniques together and it helped me prove to myself that I could respond effectively to the techniques. Also I am really grateful for tailoring the workshop to our needs!
  • Navin
    The best part of the workshop was watching my wife gain confidence in her ability to manage the birth process.
    Birth Partner
  • Leon
    Ruth is a great teacher, calm, enthusiastic and communicates her passions and knowledge very well. I enjoyed the workshops very much and would recommend to anyone.
    Birth Partner
  • James
    Ruth is very friendly, open, relaxed and professional. The workshop was really enjoyable and I can tell my wife found it very helpful too
  • Maria-Rosa
    The most important thing I learnt from the workshop was that the techniques can be used in any environment, even if things don’t go exactly to plan. Attending the workshop has been a much better experience than envisaged.
    Birth Partner
  • Bella
    She was very open and approachable, not at all intimidating and created a very relaxed atmosphere where I felt comfortable. I learned that birth doesn’t have to be a ‘drama’.
  • Nick
    Coming here really helped me look at the primal part of labour and helped me appreciate that the body is remarkable and when left to its devices it takes care of itself
    Birth Partner
  • Grace
    The best parts of the natural pain relief workshop were discussions about positive birth experience, learning new techniques to use in labour and giving me confidence in my birthing ability.
  • Laura
    For me, the best part was progressively getting deeper into the relaxation techniques. Feeling myself become more capable and in control.
    Birth Partner
  • Paul
    The best part of the workshop was the breathing technique we learned and understanding what my wife wants for the birth
  • Sophie W
    Ruth has a lovely voice and manner which makes the hypnosis sessions really enjoyable. She is easy to talk to and receptive to questions. Excellent.
    Sophie W
  • Alaina
    Ruth is very calming, confident and approachable. She spoke of personal experiences which was useful. I look forward to listening to the CD and putting into practice what I have learnt
  • H
    The workshops give a very positive message about birth
    Birth Partner
  • Sophie L
    I felt much more relaxed and energised after the workshop.
    Sophie L
  • James
    I learned how to become and remain calm and that fears are natural but surmountable if you are positive and calm.
  • Grace
    The partner techniques and how he can support me in labour were the most important things we learned.
  • A
    The most important thing I learnt was that I can manage discomfort with visualisation and that my partner’s breathing can calm me down.
  • Harriet
    Ruth is lovely. Very friendly, made us feel welcome and took our personal circumstances into account. I’m feeling very positive and empowered now. Many Thanks!
  • Mauricio
    Ruth was very friendly and informative and positive about birthing. The course is a great way to change the mindset to a more positive approach.
  • Sarah
    Ruth is a warm and kind person who has made the workshops a delight to attend. I will recommend these workshops to friends and family.
  • Daniel
    An enjoyable & useful day. I feel more relaxed today; and about the prospect of labour
    Birth Partner
  • Claire
    The workshop was very good indeed. I feel really prepared
    Mum-to-be & Editor of Prima Baby Magazine
  • Dean
    Ruth is enthusiastic, friendly, northern, perfect. I really enjoyed the course
  •  Priya & Bayju
    Thank you for a wonderful class on Sunday. It was really enjoyable, relaxing and affirming. We both found it useful and will be practicing the techniques. You are an excellent teacher and so inclusive of anything any of us brought to the day, so thank you
    Priya & Bayju
    First-time Parents
  • Nick
    Ruth speaks with a knowledge and confidence that only experience can give. She made me immediately feel at ease
  • B
    I left the course feeling so positive I felt like I could have the baby on Saturday night and I really don’t want to lose that feeling. It’s a revelation to feel excited and not entirely anxious. Thank you so much!
  • Raphael
    Thanks so much for a wonderful day on Saturday! We both feel that this was just what we needed and that we can approach the birth in a much more positive and calm way.
    Birth Partner