Give her a great day to learn about her body

‘Celebration Day for Girls’ is a warm, fun and reassuring workshop for 10 to 12-year-old girls and their mothers. It supports both mother and daughter to navigate the changes of puberty and early menstrual cycling together. The day blends creative, fun activities with practical tips for body literacy, storytelling and relaxed conversations. I want to empower girls to have ease and trust in their changing bodies, so they can be happier and more resilient through the teenage years.

Having taught Hypnobirthing for over 10 years now, I have realised that we need to go back to the start and empower girls when they meet their power at menstruation and not wait until they are pregnant to start trusting in their bodies. It starts now. This workshop has the potential to empower your daughter beyond belief and this is what the world needs right now. Strong, empowered girls and women who are in tune with their cycling bodies.

Groups are kept small so I can attend to individual needs.

What happens at a Celebration Day for Girls?

The program is delivered on two dates.

1: Session for mothers/carers (2 hrs)

Prior to the full-day workshop, this is for mothers to find out more and check in with what you’d like for your daughter/special girl, both in the workshop and as she matures. Often held during the week before your Celebration Day, you will meet with me and learn about what we cover on the day. I provide space for you to reflect on how things are going for your daughter, and look back on your own experience of puberty, including who or what inspired you.

2: Full day for girls, women join at lunch (6 hrs)

Girls are dropped off in the morning. Mothers then return just before lunch, for the remainder of the day.

The girls will have a fun start to the day with others, where they do craft and activities whilst hearing stories and learning about the changes their body will go through. This includes understanding the menstrual cycle and how to make the most of changes in energy and mood. Girls can also ask anonymous questions about any sensitive topics they may have.

Then, after the women arrive at lunchtime, mothers and daughters spend the afternoon together. We share lunch, and later women’s stories, so girls can hear about inspiring women you’ve known, the variety in different women’s experiences and the common thread of living with a menstrual cycle as a normal and natural part of life. After several delightful affirming and bonding activities we finish with a simple ceremony to wish girls well on their journey to maturity.

Your investment for the whole program is just £75 and includes free samples of reusable pads and other goodies. A percentage will be donated to the Chalice Foundation. If you would like to form your own group please contact me ( to arrange. I am happy to travel to share this important work.

The origins of Celebration Day for Girls™

In the year 2000, Jane Bennett was asked by a Steiner School in Victoria, Australia to run a workshop about puberty and menstruation for Year 5 primary girls and their mothers.  She called it A Celebration Day for Girls. It was so well received that it became an annual curriculum event for the Year 5 girls.
In 2012 Jane began training facilitators with a passion for working with women and girls to run 
A Celebration Day for Girls in their own communities.  There are currently over 150 facilitators in 11 countries and it continues to grow. I am very excited to be one of these facilitators 🙂

To discover more about this workshop and the work of Jane Bennett visit:

and the chalice foundation website