Caroline and Alex’s Second Baby

‘It was just amazing and magical – although the labour was very intense’


Caroline and Alex did hypnobirthing with me for their first baby three years ago and an online refresher for this birth. Caroline also attended my monthly pregnancy relaxation sessions.

So here is what happened!

I was 3 days shy of being 42 weeks pregnant and I was feeling anxious. All I’d hoped for was a peaceful home birth and now a hospital induction was looming. After my third sweep at home, my private midwife told me she could feel my “waters bulging”. Later that day she called to say she was willing to break my waters at home – because I was already 3cm dilated – if I wanted, in order to help get the homebirth I wanted. But it had to be done the next morning. I was so torn. My husband was really keen we go ahead and I decided to go for it in order to give myself a better chance of a home birth as I felt it just wasn’t happening naturally. But I was so unhappy with the decision deep down.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5.30 nervous about the 8.30 appointment with the midwives. I started getting mild tummy pains at about 6am and I assumed that it was an upset tummy due to nerves. Within 15 minutes I was having full blown contractions on the floor of our en suite bathroom! I felt like my body was already wanting to push by the time my midwife arrived half an hour later! One hour and 40 minutes of surges later, Ava Louise arrived on my bathroom floor weighing 7lb 3oz. Climbing into my own bed with my beautiful baby and my husband bringing me snacks was just everything I had hoped it would be!

So what were the chances?? She was almost two weeks overdue and arrived the morning I was due to get an induction that I desperately didn’t want! It was just amazing and magical – although the labour was very intense as you can imagine. As with my first birth experience, if it hadn’t been for hypnobirthing and the breathing techniques Ruth had taught me, I’m not sure I could have coped with the intensity and speed of the surges. Thank you, Ruth, for everything.

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