Renee and David

Renee’s unexpected home birth!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our son Casper was born at home on Sunday 15 November at 7.20pm weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. It was an excellent, very positive home birth.

Its quite an amazing story, we ending up birthing Casper ourselves because we didn’t call the hospital soon enough for the midwife to make it on time. The midwife arrived within half an hour of Casper being born. But it wasn’t a problem, David and I were fine and we had no problem doing it on our own. Casper is one very healthy little baby.  I was in labour experiencing period like cramps from 8am until my waters broke at 5.15pm, Casper was born within a couple of hours. The most intense sensations I had were those in the hour or two before my waters broke but the bearing down sensations that occurred after my waters broke were a real relief and the hypnotherapy really helped throughout the labour. My self doubt phase came in that period just before my waters broke, I recognised it and was quite concerned at the time because I thought it had come way too early and thought how am I going to cope with the rest of the labour if I’m doubting myself already! But actually it came exactly as we talked about in the course, I just didn’t realise at the time how close I was to giving birth. I seemed to have skipped a few of the phases jumping from first phase to very last phase in one fowl swoop.

I had no pain relief during the labour and only had a graze from the birth, no stitches necessary. I had a natural third stage.  Its really done wonders for my quick recovery.  A really amazing wonderful experience that we were well prepared for thanks to the hypnotherapy course (thanks Ruth!) and our own hard work & research in the lead up to the birth.

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