Raina’s Birth


First Baby, April workshop 2014
Just to let you know that our daughter, Raina, was born on Thursday. She was 12 days late, and I was due to be induced on the following day, so it was a relief! I started having gentle contractions at about 6am, and my partner and I walked and rested through the morning. We went to hospital at about half one, and Raina was born 14 minutes later. The birth was natural (the first natural third stage that the midwife had seen!). I’d had a bath, a paracetamol and a tiny bit of gas and air in the last minutes.
The hypnosis techniques helped very much, especially during early labour, in keeping me breathing and relaxing through contractions. Knowing what happened during each stage was also much more useful than I’d anticipated – I’d rehearsed the physical process many times by listening to the CD, so I didn’t feel afraid even though I did experience intense pain towards the end. The whole experience was very happy, and overwhelming, for all of us. Raina is amazing, and very peaceful. At least so far.
Thanks again for all your help.