Jasmine & Abdal’s Second Baby

Refresher workshop

Jasmine and Abdal did a group workshop with me in 2017 and then a private refresher course during the summer of 2019 in preparation for the birth of their second child. Jasmine shares her story here:

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the birth of my second boy Matteo.
It went so perfectly he came on his due date and I had a water birth which is what I always wanted to have for my birth.
I started contractions at 4pm very far apart and they were much closer together by 8pm so went to hosptial straight to birth centre and by 11.55pm Matteo was born so it was so fast I couldn’t believe it. I went into the pool at 11pm so much later on than with Gabriel as remember I went into the pool too early and then I didn’t progress. I loved every minute of this birth as I felt everything and felt control of my body which was good. Of course your hypnobirthing tracks were in the background which just always help me go through my pains and help me not panic and keep focused. Thanks so much for everything and all your help and I will always be recommending you to anyone who needs a good hypnobirthing lesson for their birth as I just know you have helped me so much with my birth.

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