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“Awesome experience, fantastic midwives!”

First Baby, October 2014 workshops

Nina Marie Pritchard was born at 27.11.14 at 18.44pm at St Thomas' Hospital in the 
"Home away from Home" Ward- 7th floor.
I had lots of Pregnancy Yoga classes before my due date with Sue Stockwell & also 
did a Natal Hypnotherapy weekend for couples with Ruth Sabrosa.
All this mental preparation & knowledge definitely had a very positive outcome.
I had a fantastic Pool birth with no tearing or stitches.
Woke up early morning with my 1st Contractions. 
Yes- had to do the Camel walk (Yoga) for hours. Up & down the stairs. Started with 
my controlled yoga breathing then I did a few "Figures of Eight" at various points.

When I arrived (after being assessed) in my Hospital room at 2pm, I was 4cm dilated.
I had regular contractions and had to keep moving.
Couldn't sit still at all.

I used the Camel walk to walk through the contractions & used the Humming Bird 
sounds throughout. I sometimes leaned on tables & kept "smiling with my hips" or 
various other ways to breathe through the contractions. I didn't even consider 
asking for pain killers. Just needed back massages & chocolates from the husband. 
It was all monitored by the yoga breaths & Humming Bird sound. That's all that I 
used. Tried the ball, but wasn't comfortable for me. 

Before I went in the pool, the midwife suggested taking Gas & Air.
I didn't feel it was necessary, but my husband says it will take the "edge off".
So I took gas I air when I went to the pool at 5pm & combined it with my Humming 
bird breath with each contraction.

I was 7 dilated when I entered the pool.
With the Gas & Air, it accentuated the sound of the Humming and made me totally 
concentrated on my breathing.
My waters never broke until I got in the pool, but it was in such a diluted state 
that only the midwives noted it. There must have been some leaking before as I 
didn't notice anything. Just had to wee a lot before going into pool. 
I just listened to my body and kept pushing when my body said I should. 
When I heard "Stop stop stop"!!!!, I was so much in my zone that I couldn't 
understand what I did wrong. I just kept thinking that "each contraction will bring
me closer to meeting my baby". The midwife said the baby's head is out and I should
rest till the next contraction. I felt my Nina's fine hair on her head and couldn't
believe that she was almost out. The last push was easy.

No gas & air needed at this point. Just focused deep yoga breaths.
She was wrapped all around her body & neck with the umbilical cord, so they rushed 
to get her out of the pool and give her a run down. Skin to skin followed imminently 
after.She started searching for my breast immediately.
The contractions started again and I pushed the (in tact) Placenta out.
It was an awesome experience!
Midwives at St Thomas's were fantastic!
Good luck to other mothers on their journey!
Helene Pritchard

Helene and Nina

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