Anne and Sherif

“Breathe relax release carried me through all, the days before and during the operation.”

We wanted to say a big thank you to you for helping us prepare for the birth of Phileas. He arrived safely, I did not go into spontaneous labour, but I was really happy and most importantly relaxed. What was most important to me with this second birth (first birth happened to be an emergency section following an induction at 42 weeks) was to be as clear as possible with what I didn’t want this time around (no form of induction neither by drugs nor manual) and to be at peace with that decision after weighing all options carefully.
I arranged a caesarean for the due date (as I am over 40) with the option of trying VBAC if I would go into labour spontaneously. I knew my chances that this might happen before 40 weeks was rather low. However, I had a feeling it might happen and if it did, I wanted to be super prepared. Hypnobirthing helped me with this, and not only with the course content, but just by listening to Ruth’s vast knowledge, leaving no question unanswered, reassured me that whatever situation would arise, I am ready. I did not go into labour spontaneously but I was also not anxious the days before the due date. Breathe relax release carried me through all, the days before and during the operation. We were even lucky to have the whole surgical team for ourselves – no rush at all as we were the only ones on the operating list for the afternoon. 
I am sure the calmness helped starting breastfeeding and settling into the new family dynamics of four swiftly. Thank you so much Ruth – I am very content how it all came together. 

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