Sandrina & Martijn

Your workshop made such a difference to the way I feel , much more relaxed and confident and not scared anymore… This is the best preparation I could have done!  

Pre-labour at around 34weeks: Last Friday evening I started experiencing strong contractions, luckily Martijn was in London that weekend, I phoned the midwife who said to go immediately to UCLH hospital…. They kept me there for 3 days under monitoring as the contractions were too strong and too close. They gave me medication to stop the contractions and steroids injections to mature the baby lungs in case she decided to come out .. Luckily after 3 days the contractions stopped and I am now back at home, but I am really exhausted…

The one good thing out of this is that we were calm and quite relaxed throughout the whole experience, I am convinced we reacted that way because of your workshop and the hypnotherapy. Jen’s breathing techniques from yoga also helped me , but the 3,2,1 relax trigger just kept me calm and Martijn was brilliant all the time as well.

So we had a bit of a rehearsal before the real show , and for sure I will keep up with the hypnotherapy. I keep raving about your class to friends 🙂

And then some weeks later…..

Alicia Caroline was born on the 4th of March… after a 26 hours labour , ventouse delivery ..

The birth was quite intense and contractions were very strong from the beginning but all the preparation we did together helped a lot  to cope with pain from when my waters broke on the 3d of March to when the epidural was finally given to me when I reached 4cm 13 hours later….

Unfortunately things then slowed down a lot and I wasn’t making any progress at all, contractions stopped and they had to give me some hormones through the drip to start things up again… it didn’t really work and they then had to give me antibiotics as well as it was too long since the water broke and the baby was under risk of infection.  It took really long until I got to 10cm and finally at 7pm on the 4th i was ready to push… unfortunately by then the baby was showing signs of distress and as she was still quite high up after an hour of pushing they decided to get her out with ventouse, which I thought was great, in 2 pushes she was out!

I must say it was quite an intense and long birth, but the preparation helped me a lot. I don’t think I could have coped so calmly and stress free had I not prepared with you!

Martijn and my mum were both there all the way through . I called Martijn when my waters broke and he managed to catch the last plane in the evening to London;-)

They kept us for 24h in the hospital and unfortunately as soon as we got back home, the next day we had troubles with Alicia and she had to be admitted to hospital for a few days with an infection she obviously caught during the labour.  She had lost too much weight and they kept her under observations for a few days. It was really hard for us as we spent all our nights and days with her, and I was really still tired form the birth…

I won’t go through all the details , but I had quite a hard time post delivery , my stitches didn’t hold, I then caught an infection as well and had to be under antibiotics… well in the end  the birth was easy compared to what we had to face once Alicia was born!

We had a bit if a rough start but now all is finally going on well, Alicia is growing nicely and I am getting my head around things 😉

Thanks goodness your doula Caron has been a great help and comes to support me a few days a week.  Thank you so much again for recommending her.

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