Jenia & Romain’s second baby

‘Birth was extremely physical and empowering’

Jenia and Romain attended my Hypnobirthing workshop three years ago to prepare for the birth of their first daughter and we did a refresher online during lockdown in this pregnancy. Jenia shares the birth story here:
I would like to finally present you baby Ivan, born 31st of August at 11:20 and to say a huge thank you for support in this journey to grow and birth him, having helped me to build confidence and not give up even in the toughest moments! I am so grateful to you and the work you have done!
And here is my birth story
 Our second baby did seem to be much bigger compared to our daughter and so I was constantly asked if I am due any day since I was 37 weeks. A lot of people actually made comments that it is better to birth my baby at 37weeks rather than later and telling me to be careful not to “overcook” the baby. Luckily I had the support from hypnobirthing sessions and close family and friends who encouraged me to just be patient and trust my baby to come when he is ready.
Labour started after 2 days and 1 night of contractions at 41 weeks and following 2 sweeps done by the midwife. I immediately started to feel tired and uncomfortable not able to go in my zone no matter what I tried. All the expectations with this labour being different and potentially quicker / more intense made me think when is the best time to go to birth centre and with the very helpful midwife on the phone, we decided it was time to go when my contractions were 4 min apart but lasting just under a minute. The Midwife warned me that she did not think I was in active labour but I might go into it quite quickly so she wanted me to go. I felt very discouraged when upon arrival and me moaning every 3 min she told me I was 2-3 cm and needed to just use the equipment they had to make the contractions stronger. After labouring at the same pace between 2am and 6 am, I realised that I could not cope with contractions as I could not get comfortable even with tremendous support from my husband. Finally we decided that it was time to find a way to rest before the hard part and he persuaded me that I was doing great and would just need a bit of help to take the edge of it (something the midwife had been offering for a long time now) and so we settled on diamorphine for me to rest my back and breath through contractions and then to switch to the birthing pool. I then felt my water gently breaking and within an hour I was fully dialated and felt the urge to push. We moved to the pool and I then used all my strengths and techniques with the help of my husband as a coach to push the baby down with every contraction – in about 30 min he was born, with the head being born slowly and me having to surrender completely and do nothing but breathe. And when he finally was born, with the help of the midwives, we realised he needed a bit of air as he was too asleep to actively cry, but his heart rate remained perfect throughout.
My son was 3.98 kg and I was then told that I did not have any tearing and needed no stitches. we were back home the next day and the recovery was really quick! If it was not for the breathing techniques and support of my husband in the moment of doubt I am sure I would have ended up with more intervention and would not have coped! Birth was extremely physical and empowering. Thank you Ruth.

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