Isabelle and Henry’s second baby

I did a hypnobirthing workshop to prepare Isabelle and Henry for their first baby and a refresher this year to prepare for their second. Isabelle contacted me because she had been diagnosed with GBS and was considering an independent midwife. I gave her some suggestions and pointed her in the direction of a home birth group. As well as the refresher workshop, we did a hypnotherapy session to access intuition so she could figure out where she wanted to give birth and who she wanted to support her. She later decided on a home birth with sage femme and emailed me the day after her baby was born with the good news:
Henry and I had a baby boy yesterday at lunchtime!!
It was amazing – thank you so much for your support . I did exactly what I hoped and really found my instincts ! I had your recording playing right before things got really serious! I became a fire-breathing dragon, also a lioness – some crazy metaphors that I hadn’t even prepared came into my head! I surrendered to my birthing body and baby. It was so powerfully intense. I beat my self doubt phase – actually caught my baby boy and Lex saw his brother born!!
Amazing !!
Isabelle has since attended my mindful mothering and family empowerment sessions online to continue to empower herself and her family.

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