Virginia & Dan


First baby, February workshop

Baby Vega arrived on 25th April.

The labour was around 24 hrs and Dan was there on every contraction saying “3, 2, 1: relax” and it worked! It was amazing having him there to rely on, and for back massage! When he said “relax” he told me afterwards that he could see the effect on my face and body every time.

I also had a tens machine and then a birthing pool and gas and air. When I was 9cm the midwife had a hunch and broke the waters and they were dark green- eek! So then we moved to the “high risk” area and there were 3 doctors in attendance. They said to me the baby needed to come out so they would have to give me an episiotomy and use forceps but fortunately I managed to push her out before, with a bit of ventouse help! We had to stay in hospital for 5 days until she finished her course of antibiotics (I stayed with her) but we got home finally – bliss! And she’s fully recovered now.

The hypno definitely helped me relax and above all I really benefited from the positive attitude towards the birth, I’ll definitely recommend you!