Sophie & Robin


First baby, February workshop

Baby Rupert came into the world on March 22nd 2014 weighing a tiny 5lb 9 oz but perfect in every way!

Because he was small, I had to be induced on my due date, but it all went reasonably well. My waters went within 12 hours of the pessary and I laboured well for the first day on my own. My contractions stopped later in the day, and later that evening I was taken to the labour ward.

I was then put on the drip and was advised to have an epidural. Obviously, everything that was happening was the exact opposite of what I wanted! I wanted a natural birth, in water and NO pain relief! Well, after weighing everything up I went with the flow and considered advice from doctors and midwives and my husband and we decided, whatever is best to get Rupert out safely. I laboured through the night and was ready to push by morning. I was incredibly lucky. The pain was still there, the epidural wasn’t totally effective so the breathing techniques and visualisation practised with you really worked through the night. Then when it came to push, I managed to get him out without any assistance and did it in 4 pushes in 12 minutes!

We are feeling very blessed, and totally knackered.