Shoshana’s Birth Story

Doing Ruth’s mediation sessions during my pregnancy helped me relax and made me feel supported. She and the other mums at the sessions made me feel very welcome.
I also did the one day hypnobirth course with Ruth. It was brilliant! My wife also joined me on the course and she found it really helpful too. It helped put both of our minds at ease about the birth. Ruth helped me to get past my fears surrounding the birth and that helped me to feel ready for it. She explained hypnobirthing brilliantly and the resources used during the course and afterwards were so helpful. The day went really quickly because the course wasn’t just helpful, it was really enjoyable too.
My birth experience actually turned out to be great. I felt really relaxed about it and I felt totally empowered, confident and able to cope with each stage of it and I’m sure that doing hypnobirthing with Ruth was one of the things that helped make the birth go so well.
I didn’t even think to ask for any pain relief drugs, (and I had been totally open to using them, I just didn’t need them!) Just using the hypnobirthing techniques you taught me and feeling safe and supported was more than enough for me to manage the pain. My midwife was quite surprised I think, to find I was 5cm dilated when she first arrived to our house because I seemed so calm and quiet.
Thank you so much Ruth!

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