Sam’s Birth

“I totally surrendered to my body and let it lead the way”

Our baby daughter was born at home on 28th April and she is healthy and doing well.

The hypnobirth techniques we learnt on the day with you were invaluable. After our session I regularly listened to the relaxation and home birth track. We worked together to let go of our fears and create a positive mindset and environment. Following your lead I also put together my own inspiration board (a mix of painting, pictures and affirmations) and used it as a focus point in the days leading to my EDD. On the day, I carried my favourite affirmation tucked in my bra so that every time I looked down I would read it and it gave me strength. The breathing techniques and exercises we practiced were what I believe allowed me to see it through. They helped me manage the intensity of the surges and the actual birth itself. One of my biggest fears was to severely damage my perineum but I was able to follow the exact instructions of the midwife and slowly deliver our baby which would not have been possible if I had not been able to regulate my breathing.

A little bit about my birth story:

Looking back I seemed to have totally missed that I was in latent labour. It is only after my waters broke and the surges intensified that I realised that I was in labour. My waters broke on the 27th at about 7pm. The midwife came and checked on me at about 8pm but said that I was too calm and able to talk for active labour to have started. She advised us to settle for the night as first time labour can last for quite some time.

Very quickly though surges picked up and were lasting 60-70 seconds every 4-3 minutes. I spent most of this time is a trance. I totally surrendered to my body and let it lead the way. I even slept in between surges (which I did not think was possible!). Eventually at about 2am it was like someone had flicked a switch and I asked my husband to call the midwives to come for a check because I could not longer go on (with insight we both realised that I had entered transition and was going through a phase of self doubt). Incidentally in the time it took the midwives to arrived at our flat I spent about 15 min holding back and stopping the birth of our baby (again something that we understood later with insight). The midwife arrived and after a quick examination declared that I was fully dilated and ready to push which totally caught me by surprise – I was not ready for this.

I did not have time to think about it though. The next thing I knew I was letting my body roar, pushing and working with my husband (syncing my breathing on his) to birth our baby. The head was the hardest part as I initially held back fearing to tear but I managed to let go and followed the midwife’s careful instructions, breathing slowly to allow my body time to adjust and deliver slowly. I will always remember the midwife saying to me “one last push and your baby is out” and I did and she was out. I could not believe it.

It was hard work but we would not change a thing if we could. We are so grateful to have had the home birth we were wishing for. I did not use the pool or listen to music or use essential oil, all the things I thought would appeal to me. It was humbling to witness my body doing its thing without need for my interference, scary at times even but again I was able to embrace the process and let go of any fears or worries.

Birthing our baby daughter was an extra-ordinary moment, incredibly empowering and I am so happy I was able to experience it fully.

So we just wanted to say thank you. You were part of our journey and our workshop day with you was one of the most valuable things we did.


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