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First baby, December 2013 workshop

Our daughter was born 12 days overdue in the end – I was fighting off the hospital who wanted to induce me. It was an amazing birth. For one reason or another I didn’t have my hospital bag with me so did the whole thing without any of the extras I had planned like music etc. It was quick though, had some gas and air. I went into labour at around 3pm, went to hospital at around 7pm at which point I was 4cm dilated, went to birth centre and at about 10/11pm I was 9cm dilated. Our daughter was born at 12 minutes past 12!

I think that the hypnotherapy helped me to stay calm. I hardly spoke throughout the process so all my energies were on giving birth which meant I went with my body – which is also a part of the hypnotherapy. And just breathing through it was key. Suffice to say I wasn’t consciously thinking about what I was doing, I was just going with it instinctively! I did listen to the hypno cd every day for weeks beforehand!

My partner was absolutely amazing – I think that the hypnotherapy helped him to understand what I was doing and how I was focusing my energies i.e. He helped me to stick to my original birth plan and also didn’t try to talk to me too much.

We really enjoyed our sessions with you Рthey were helpful in reconnecting us with the instinctive-ness  of giving birth.