Lucy & Ed


First Baby, April Workshop 2014.

Baby Monty was born Tuesday 24th June at 2:54pm. He was 8.1lb and an extremely alert little baby.

The labour was great and I couldn’t have had it more perfect if I planned the event. I arrived at the hospital after 6hrs labouring (regular contractions) at home. I was 8cm dilated and they prepared the birth pool for me. Within 2hrs of arriving I had given birth to Monty, free of any drugs.

It was the most incredible experience and all my preparation with Natal Hypnotherapy and yoga was what got me through. I was relaxed, not afraid and just in tune with my body, allowing it to do whatever it needed/wanted. I was very active, moving around a lot, focused on breathing and positions to help baby descend.

I want to thank you for introducing us to Natal Hypnotherapy, it was such a wonderful way to look at labour and filled both Ed and I with confidence. We loved our experience and put it largely down to the approach and outlook we set up for in the months leading to Monty’s arrival.

So here we are as parents, which has it’s own set of challenges, but we’re learning each day and slowly but surely adapting to this new life.

Thanks again Ruth,

Lucy, Ed & Monty