Jenia & Romain

An empowering birth

I would like to share some wonderful news: our daughter Mila Marie was born on 20th of September, 3.2 kg and healthy.

The birth was natural, in the labour ward (birthing centre busy) but with a birthing pool in the room and the most amazing hypnobirthing midwife! The labour started at 3 am on 41 week and 1 day and when we got to the hospital at 7 am I was 5 cm already. I had her at 2pm with no pain relief but tens machine and the pool, your hypnobirthinng techniques and the help of my husband! It was very empowering and amazing, the pushing stage was very hard but I managed. She had a cord around her neck so the last moment was a bit stressful for her and for me, but until that moment her heartbeat was strong and she worked with me ( or I with her:)) every step of the way happily! She was on my chest 5 min after the birth.
I would like to thank you for your help and for your course that prepared me so well for everything! Special thank you from my husband who was incredibly helpful and found the experience as empowering as I did.

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