Jasmine & Abdal

I would like you to know how it all went and how fantastic your class and techniques were throughout my birthing process.

I originally wanted a water birth which I did begin with for my first 17 hours with no pain relief what so ever, even though I didn’t end up with my water birth and all natural water birth that I hoped for, it was still the most fantastic experience.

From the moment we arrived in the birth centre we played your hypnobirthing music on repeat throughout the whole process from start to finish. It relaxed me into the state of mind where everything was positive and it took me back to my place of relaxation which is in Spain where my family are from. Listening to the music even when contractions were coming through really made a difference. I really believe it was your lessons that got me through it all from even the back relief techniques which Abdal would help me with as soon as I said back he knew to rub me down vigorously on my back like we did in the lessons. When I was going through contractions he reminded me to breathe with him and copy his breathing like you taught us so that I didn’t over hyperventilate. I also bought these positive stress balls from amazon which where fantastic I was squeezing them the whole time and they had positive messages on the balls for me to read too.

Unfortunately after being in the water for 17 hours my contractions stopped, for further apart not closer which they said was because I was too relaxed in the water!

I had to then head to labour ward and even though I had everything I didn’t want, even in my birth plan when they told me the news of my birth plan changing my family said that I responded with such a calm manner as I was just so relaxed through the whole process, must again be down to the hypnobirthing and positivity that I was practicing with you. I had to have an epidural, be cut, and also have forceps as my baby Gabriel’s head was not coming, out they said it was too big and was not going to get through.

Even though things changed, the hypnobirthing music in background even when in the labour ward when my surroundings changed my state of relaxation always stayed the same and that is thanks to you.

I had honestly the most positive birth experience that even soon after giving birth I was like I can do this again and I am excited to give birth again. I have shared my story with my friends to give them a positive story that even when things change as long as your state of mind is relaxed and positive you can really do it. I have recommended hypnobirthing to my pregnant friends and hopefully send some of them to your class also as it was so beneficial for me. Therefore I just want to say a massive thank you for making the experience wonderful for me and that your techniques and music really got me through it all.

I will be coming back to you when I’m pregnant with my second for a top up lesson definitely!

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