Second baby, Feb 2013 workshop

I had an amazing and very positive experience, despite being induced. My little boy was induced at 37+6, due to my raised blood pressure and concerns that he was growing at a reduced rate. I went from a planned homebirth (including a hastily returned pool!), to midwife-led birthing unit, to being strapped to a monitor and induced in a very medicalised labour ward. My first labour was a hospital birth and I had an awful experience. On reflection, I realised my issue was being in hospital. With Ruth’s help, and lots and lots of practice, I gained the confidence to have my baby wherever, and if that meant in a labour ward, I was fine with that. I used the induction to my advantage- I could plan when I would need to be fully rested, I was very calm on my way to the hospital and I was able to be composed on arrival. I was so composed that nobody who was present in the room with me- my midwife and my birthing partner- fully believed I was in labour, and as a result, my son was very, very nearly born on the toilet! I was strapped to the monitor throughout, I managed on 2 paracetamol, a Tens machine and a bit of gas and air. Despite the scene being very much the opposite of what I had hoped for, it was absolutely a positive experience.

I hope I can offer some hope to others who find that induction is necessary. I was scared, I remember frantically googling “POSITIVE BIRTH STORIES” a few nights before, and desperately wanting to read that somebody, (anybody!) else had been induced and had managed to get a positive outcome.

For anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation remember that it’s you and your own mind that will be in control of the situation. Your labour might be getting a kick-start, but you can still be in control once that happens.

I want to say an enormous thank you Ruth for all of your help with the lead-up to my son’s birth. Everything about my experience this time around has been a world away from what I previously experienced, and I owe much of that to you. I was very, very calm throughout my labour and as a result of not having anything beyond gas & air for pain relief he was born alert and has remained that way ever since. This has made feeding and sleeping so much easier. Also because I didn’t tear I have been able to make a very quick recovery and am able to enjoy being with both boys. I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. So once again, Thank you.