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First Baby, March workshops

Baby Tobias was born on 3rd May (on his due date!) We are over the moon with our new addition to the family. He is just gorgeous. So here we go, grab a cuppa:

I had a very long labour, lasting 4 days. Finally after 2 hours pushing and a failed forceps delivery, I had a caesarean.  It was the complete opposite to my idea of an ideal labour. Bye bye active labour and breathing the baby out into a birthing pool, hello couch potato and theatre full of doctors.

HOWEVER, I used the hypno and positive affirmations throughout my “journey”, and applied everything that I had learned from your course. Almost all that I was afraid of happened, and by some hypno miracle, I was at no point distressed or panicked. I’ve thought a lot about the decisions made in hospital and about how I kept calm throughout. All I can put this down to is having the best birth partners ever (my partner and my mum!) and everything that I learned from natal hypnotherapy.

Here’s to a natural birth next time round. Yep I am actually coming round to the idea that I could do it again!

Thank you for your great course back in March. I will recommend it to all my friends.