Britta & Denis


Second baby, private workshop April 2014

I’m pleased to say another natal hypnotherapy baby has arrived! Baby Frieda made an appearance on 1st  May at UCLH, weighing 3.5kg.

Eleonora, my doula, was absolutely amazing and so was Denis, my partner, who remained very calm and a fabulous gatekeeper throughout. We had a few blips as there was meconium in my waters when my labour started at home and I certainly asked for pain relief at one stage (wasn’t able to use water as planned!) but in the end I got by on gas&air, surprising even the most seasoned midwives at UCLH! I had been listening to the CD and continued to do so on the ward so it must have helped 😉 18hrs felt like 4 or 5 and as a birthing ‘team’ we fended off many over-eager medical approaches with me remaining in the ‘zone’. I certainly think there is a lot of hushed tones disbelief about women over 35 being able to VBAC successfully. Here she is:

Baby Frieda