Amie and Andrew

“I was skeptical about hypnobirthing”

Shamefully it’s taken me nearly a year to write to you to thank you for your wonderful coaching and teaching of hypno-birthing techniques.

Our second baby, Joseph, was born eight days overdue on 19th July last year. I managed the labour without any pain relief making full use of the hypno-birthing techniques you taught us. About an hour from the birth I realised It worked best for me when I had a particular 10min segment of your mp3 playing on a loop which managed to see me all the way through the transition stage. I still have memories of my husband trying desperately to rewind the audio track to the exact bit I needed ?

I was skeptical about hypno-birthing before we met but you gave me enough confidence to trust in it and you motivated me to listen to the mp3 every day. It’s a bit of a leap of faith as I had no idea if it would do the job come d-day as I kept falling asleep after 10mins into the audio track but I’m very pleased to report it still worked even though I wasn’t consciously listening 🙂

You were warm and friendly, and structured The content of your sessions just right. I’m so glad we found you.

The saying goes better late than never, so huge thank you from me and my husband.

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