Alice & Mauricio


first baby, Jan 2013 workshop

Baby Sebastian arrived on the 26th January – 3 weeks early! It was a bit of a surprise – we had to have a growth scan as the bump was measuring small, and then they decided to induce us that day. Hadn’t even finished work so it all came completely out of the blue!

It also meant that I didn’t have much time to do the prep for natal hypnotherapy. But the tools that we had learnt at your course came in really useful – I also  combined this with the ‘ocean breath’ that Jen had taught us at yoga and for the first few hours of labour they were brilliant. The time went very quickly and Mauricio and I felt very relaxed – to the point that we almost drifted off between contractions… The labour was very quick (5.5 hours) and managed to get through without an epidural – just gas and air. Mauricio has also said that he found it really great having done the course as he felt able to help me through it – better than the other classes he said. He was brilliant – really helped me to focus on relaxing and trying to stay in control.

We are loving being parents. Sebastian is just amazing and we seem to spend hours just watching him. Suffering a little from a lack of sleep but even when he is screaming at 3am there is no doubt that it is absolutely worth it. An amazing time!

So I just wanted to let you know how we got on, and also to say thank you for all your help. It really impacted our birthing experience and made it so much better. So thank you!