Natal Hypnotherapy Workshops in North London

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After using Natal Hypnotherapy for the birth of my first daughter in 2010, I decided to train to become a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner because I believe every woman should be entitled to a positive birth experience. There is so much unnecessary negativity and fear related to pregnancy and childbirth nowadays. I want to help to dispel this fear and encourage women and their partners to embrace pregnancy and to be positive about birth.

I have since given birth to my second daughter who remained in the breech position at the end of my pregnancy and against all odds I had a beautiful breech birth at home using only Natal Hypnotherapy techniques.

I am offering Natal Hypnotherapy workshops in North London as well as fortnightly pregnancy relaxation sessions in Islington.

Please see the timetable for current dates and price information or please contact me with any queries:

What is Natal Hypnotherapy?

Natal Hypnotherapy is the practice of learning deep relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques to facilitate a more relaxed and successful birth experience. It teaches the woman to trust in her body’s ability to instinctively give birth and provides the partner with all the practical skills he or she will need to support her on this amazing journey.

How does it differ from Hypnobirthing?

Natal Hypnotherapy differs from other Hypnobirthing methods as it was developed exclusively in the UK alongside our maternity system by Maggie Howell. Maggie is a clinical hypnotherapist who personally used the techniques for her own five births. There is no change of language required (such as contraction to surge) and it is tailored to the individual’s birth choices with the most comprehensive range of award winning CDs. The practitioner training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the workshops are held in several NHS trusts. In addition Natal Hypnotherapy is the preferred method of hypnosis for birth being recommended by over 3000 birth professionals.

What about the hypnosis bit?

There is a great deal of myth and misunderstanding surrounding the word and the uses of hypnosis. It is a pleasant state of mental relaxation (similar to daydreaming) and is something you will have experienced thousands of times before.

You are still conscious and able to function, but your mind drifts off to thoughts unconnected to the activity you’re doing.

Does it work?

Yes is the simple answer. The body knows how to birth a baby, everything a woman needs is already inbuilt and imprinted. The only thing that can derail this is fear, which produces adrenaline. This cancels out the vital birthing hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins. Natal Hypnotherapy teaches you to remain calm and relaxed at all times, encouraging the natural birthing hormones to do their thing and keep adrenaline at bay.

“Nothing has more power over the body than the beliefs of the mind” Deepak Chopra #natalhypnotherapy – tweet this